The Management Development Programme will provide delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become effective and competent managers.

The Programme duration is 14 weeks. Delegates will attend lectures/classes 1 day a week.

All delegates enrolled for the programme will be trained in the following courses:

  • An introduction to the world of Business

    • Business systems
    • Economic Environment of Business
    • Business Sectors
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Law

    • An Introduction to the South African Constitution
    • Introduction to South African Business Law
    • Regulatory Laws and Acts Impacting Hotels
    • Introduction to Labour Relations
  • Strategic Management

    • Introduction to management
    • Customer Relationship management strategies
    • Corporate culture
    • Performance Management
    • Managing Change
  • Operations Management

    • Production and Operations Management
    • Managing the Operations Function
    • The management process
    • Problem solving and decision making techniques
    • Gaining a competitive edge
  • Human Resources Management

    • Employment Relations in the organisation
    • Employment Equity processes in the Workplace
    • Skills Development Legislation
    • Stakeholder Consultations
    • Legal contracts
    • Recruitment and Selection of staff
    • Induction of new staff
    • Training and Development
    • One on one training
    • Supervise a team to achieve business objectives
    • Manage Team and individual performance
    • Employee Relations
  • Basic Financial Management

    • Employment Relations in the organisation
    • The Financial management function
    • Financial Goals
    • Financial Analysis and Control
    • Financial Planning and Control
    • Financial Management and Decisions
  • Communication

    • Communication theory
    • Listening Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Interviews
    • Conflict Management
    • Marketing
Assessment will be based on Examination, Portfolios of Evidence as well as a Presentation to a panel of Academics.

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